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Great sex starts outside the bedroom,

& great sex gives you more juice for life.

- Don’t let family or time pressures disconnect your marriage -

At Tantra for Parents, we show you how to experience greater

fulfilment and depth in your relationship, both inside & outside the bedroom.

We empower parents to grow in their relationships and lives,

deepen their connection; & experience extraordinary intimacy,

even after having kids.

Tantra for Parents was founded by conscious parents, for conscious parents.

It’s for Mums & Dads who are on the path of

self-awakening, holistic lifestyle & conscious parenting,

& who understand that

we can only truly teach & pass on to our children,
what we are ready to heal & embody in ourselves

This means they’re committed to deep inner healing,

Radical health & vitality;

Self-acceptance, forgiveness,
& ultimately love;

As well as a personal connection with a divine source/spirit
& an appreciation for the unseen realms of consciousness.


It’s for parents who want their children to grow up into confident,
compassionate & powerful young men & women.


The services offered by husband & wife duo, Greer & Aaron Christos, are born from over 25 collective years of qualifications, education & lived experience in the realms of personal development, holistic health, spiritual awakening, conscious parenting
& emotional, karmic & ancestral healing.

Everything they teach & share has come from their lived experience as to what really works.

"Our intention is to empower & support you in reclaiming & embodying the concepts, tools & practices that support YOU to be the most empowered, loving & authentic version of You."

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