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& fellow parents

Aaron & Greer
Aaron Christos
~ the Tantric Dad ~

Aaron Keith Christos is a father, step-father, husband and co-founder of Tantra for Parents. With over 8 years experience working in health, awakening & self-development, he comes with a vast experience including; hosting men’s empowerment retreats, couples intimacy retreats, transformational workshops, courses and retreats, 1:1 Personal coaching, 2:2 couples coaching and cacao ceremonies.


He specialises in helping men strengthen their capacity to stand in their healthy, sacred masculine essence, live with more passion and purpose and connect deeply with the power of their hearts.


His core message is “Have the courage to be free”, knowing that freedom of body, mind and soul is only available to those that have the courage to overcome their fears and insecurities.


Aaron is passionate about supporting parents to overcome the pressures of modern life to create physically healthy and emotionally loving environments for themselves & children to thrive in.

Greer Christos
~ the Tantric Mum ~

Greer Christos is a certified Life Coach, NLMM (somatic movement) practitioner, Ayurvedic counsellor,

Cacao facilitator , BodyBalance teacher, Mumma of 3 & co-founder of Tantra for Parents.

Having now worked in the realms of holistic coaching, life balance & spiritual healing for over 14 years, she has vast experience in working with both women, men & couples. Her 1:1 mentorships, workshops, retreats, courses, cacao ceremonies & couples counselling draw from her studies as well as her own lived experience of childbirth, death, divorce & having overcome more than 20 years of disordered eating.

Greer’s gifts in Sacred Space Holding offer her clients a safe & empowered setting in which for radical healing, liberation & awakening to occur.

Her passion centres around the power of heart consciousness & living daily life as a sacred ritual. She is devoted to living in congruence with her deeper knowing, & parenting with compassion, truth & honour.

Aaron & Greer
~ the Tantric Parents ~

Aaron & Greer synergise their unique gifts and training in 1:1 coaching/counselling,
as well as their combined passion & embodied-experience of conscious relationship
to support couples to strengthen & evolve both individually & together.


They guide couples in developing deeper intimacy and connection through grounded spirituality, communication tools, and sensual/tantric practices. 


As husband & wife, with a blended family of 3 children, they have spent literally 1000’s of hours studying, practicing, & embodying the underlying principles of conscious relationship, having being mentored by, and studied with, world-class professionals.

They’ve mastered the art of highly sensitive conversations, getting to the root cause of triggers & clearing core wounds, sexual healing & consciousness expansion.

Their relationship has been the crucible for so much transformation in their own lives, they’re deeply passionate about sharing everything they’ve learnt to help other conscious couples/parents save time & energy and accelerate their path of growth, healing and intimacy.

"We believe that a conscious parent makes the best parent,
that the home is a temple and every aspect of life can be sacred
when embraced with an open-heart, clear boundaries and peaceful mind." 

~ Aaron & Greer Christos ~
We’re aware that within the tantric field, many men & women are overtly sexual. 

Our commitment to those we work with is to create a

safe, clean & intentional space

& respect that sacred container of your relationship as we do with ours.

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