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A FREE workshop for Conscious Couples desiring 
reconnection & renewed passion


Discover how things that annoy or trigger you can actually become the very things that bring you deeper emotional connection & passion!

Many parents get resentful and/or disconnected when they don’t have the
time or energy for themselves or each other.

We help parents radically deepen their understanding of one another; whilst re-sparking chemistry so they can have a truly fulfilling relationship and sex life.

In the realm of committed relationships (and especially as parents) its normal for the
flames of sexual chemistry to dim.

Compounded by the demands of modern day parenting, we are usually left with very little left to give
(and receive) from our partner.

But let us shatter that misconception—your sex life doesn't have to fade; in fact,
it can become more magnetic, & more fulfilling with each passing year.

Prioritising your relationship and intimacy, within the midst of a busy life,
& with the knowledge and techniques you’ll gain from this training will unlock

passion and depth as a couple; by maximizing the time you do have & will benefit your whole family.

​Discover how to get the most out of & deepen your time together as a couple in this free, one-hour workshop:

In this Workshop You Will:

  • Learn how the things that annoy or trigger you can actually become the very things that bring you closer together

  • Discover how awakened monogamy can act as the doorway to perpetual deepening of love, understanding & connection

  • Discover the art of sustained sexual chemistry, play & aliveness (Even if, like us you have 3 children in your care!

  • Practice a framework that facilitates greater communication & empathy in all relationships (including parent-child)

  • Avoid the misery of unconscious relationship & sexless marriage & be the role models your children need & deserve

  • Walk away with 2 grounded practices to evolve your communication & connection in & outside of the bedroom

This  Is  A  FREE 1-HOUR   Workshop!

  • Our workshops are not pre-recorded & all online workshops are held LIVE.

  • So as to ensure privacy & confidentiality, we do not record our online workshops.

  • Whilst the workshop is 'free', you are required to invest 1-hour of your time & ideally as a couple, together, without distractions (i.e. plan to have the kids care for or self-entertained).

  • These workshops are held fortnightly online & regularly in-person in Hobart. 

  • If you can't attend this next workshop, please register your interest so that you receive notification of our upcoming workshops (held fortnightly at various times & days).

  • Sign up today & discover how to empower yourself as an individual & as a couple within relationship; & be better parents for it!

- Held on a MONTHLY basis- 


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Register Your Interest for our
Upcoming Workshop

Attend from the ease & privacy of your own home!

We will contact you upon registration to let you
know when the next workshop being held.

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Your Hosts:
Greer & Aaron Christos

What formed the basis of our relationship, was a deep desire to grow, experience more than the mundane & unlock the full potential of true intimacy; both physical, emotional, & spiritual.

Because Greer already had 2 daughters when we met, we’ve had to learn the art of prioritising our relationship whilst caring for children right from the start.

We’ve been deeply devoted for the past 8 years to using our relationship as the crucible for our healing, growth & awakening

Now that our own son is at school, 

we have the space & the wisdom  to teach other parents who desire continual growth & passionate connection.

As husband & wife we share the principles & practices of emotional intimacy, conscious parenting & tantra to perpetually deepen our emotional & physical connection & sense of newness as a couple.

This not only nourishes ourselves and each other but our 3 unique kids, & family as a whole.


Between us, we have trained & studied extensively in life coaching, personal training, ayurveda, Sacred masculine teachings, tantra, feminine embodiment & women’s work, conscious parenting & Divine Union.

We’re aware that within the tantric field, many men & women are overtly sexual. 


Our commitment to those we work with is to create a safe, clean & intentional space & respect that sacred container of your relationship as we do with ours.

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