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Does Tantra just mean great Sex?

Whilst great sex is a definite aspect (& benefit!) of Tantra; at Tantra for Parents, we refer to Tantra as a lifestyle that invites conscious union into every aspect of our lives, thus it’s all about relationships. Relationship with ourselves, others, Spirit, the Earth etc. Tantra creates fulfilling relationships when two people do the ‘big’ work - to grow together. i.e. to show up in the relationship as their whole self, which includes their darker, less enlightened self. By committing to this work, we build our capacity to make more conscious (and therefore loving) choices. In turn, we experience a greater sense of well-being, aliveness and the belief that every part/chapter of our life’s journey is sacred; & that even our challenges are here to help us heal & grow in to our fullest potential. Only then can the things that ‘annoy’ or trigger us become the doorway to unlocking real passion and connection. We no longer resist those things that trigger us, but rather embrace them. We no longer deny our Truth, but have the courage to honor it. Our bodies become a temple, Our relationships; a mirror, Our work; our purpose Our children; our teachers. Tantric philosophy is a lifestyle that builds a relationship with an inner life-force that is the source of true joy, passion, faith & love. A core component of being able to access & attune to this higher energy, is in the grounded, daily practice of self-care. When we care for ourselves in a way that is truly nourishing, we naturally honour & express loving-boundaries that support our deeper needs & desires. By mastering our boundaries, caring for ourselves and meeting our own needs in a loving way, we effectively ‘re-parent’ ourselves. Our inner-child feels safe to be authentic, & we’re free to be our True selves. This is a practice that, like any muscle, requires consistency and practise. It becomes stronger over time, & eventually more effortless. The practice of Tantra requires a dropping of ‘the masks’ so many of us wear. It’s about seeing the facades we hold as protective measures, & with love & compassion, learning to lower (& eventually completely drop) them so that you can reclaim & be the person you were born to be. Engaging in sex from this place acts as a natural expression of our love that is deeply touching, nourishing and fuels us with a radiant love for life. So yes, you do get to enjoy passionate sex, but Tantra is really about inviting deeper passion, aliveness & love in to the whole of your life, your relationship, & your parenting.

Aren't  Parents too Busy to focus on their Relationship?

Because Greer already had 2 daughters when we met, we’ve had to learn the art of prioritising our relationship whilst caring for children right from the start. This means prioritising time for ourselves as a couple in the same way we prioritise making time to take the kids to their sporting activities & play dates, our work of our exercise. As all parents know, parenting can be one of the most beautiful & treasured parts of our lives, yet there are times where it can feel like we simply don’t have enough time, energy or knowledge to be able to deal with a situation or needs of our children. At Tantra for Parents, we believe that learning to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually is the best gift we can give to our kids, as it, through osmosis, teaches them to do the same. This means becoming our own inner parent: Your own inner mother (i.e. the part of us who nurtures & deeply cares for ourselves/others); Your inner father (i.e. the part of us who has clear & loving boundaries, healthy discernment &, when necessary, keep us safe). When we do this, we feel balanced, whole, connected & alive; & ultimately, we we heal our own ‘stuff’ (i.e. our inner child). This is how we strengthen & evolve our capacity to be conscious parents. In our experience, this journey requires radical honesty with ourselves & our beloved, sincere  commitment & guidance from those who have walked the path before us. It’s not easy, & there are times when it gets really messy;  yet when we commit to the deeper truth & meaning of ourselves & life,  we awaken to an entire new way of daily living that makes every single stage, tricky conversation & emotional challenge all SO worth it. This is why our coaching underscores the crucial connection between self-care and conscious parenting. When you prioritise your physical health, you gain the vitality to navigate modern demands and support your children from a place of over-flow, rather overwhelm. Plus, when you’re feeling physically great, you’re much less likely to suffer the flow-on effect of exhaustion; which often leaves you more susceptible to habits & reactions that leave you feeling guilty, regretful & disconnected from yourself & those you love.  In contrary, as you prioritise your well-being, you enhance the experience of play, vitality, balance & engagement within your family. That’s why the health of the physical body, in addition to emotional & physical intimacy  is a foundation of the Tantra for Parents teachings.

D I/we have to be parents to benefit from your services?

No. Whilst our workshop is designed for couples, you do not need to be parents. And our mentorships are THE perfect preparation for calling in a more conscious relationship and/or for those who wish, to becoming a parent. We niche in serving parents because we know the time/energy pressures parents are under, and can tailor their program, to their needs for efficient and maximum results. Without the time/energy pressures of children, you could get a deep understanding of yourself and your needs and the practises that best serve you, so that when you’re a parent, you know exactly what you need and how to implement it.

What if I'm single, or my partner isn't into / ready for this?

Our most primary relationship is that with ourselves; & it is our experience that we must first commit to this before we try working on or improving the relationship with anyone else. The Tantric Mum & Tantric Dad Mentorships are relevant for all men & women (whether you are a parent or not) who is ready to take radical responsibility for themselves & come in to deeper union with all of life. Many of our clients are either single, or in relationship with someone who isn't ready or interested in doing 'the work'. AND these same clients are blown away by the flow-on effect that unfolds with ALL of their relationships when they choose to commit even more deeply to their own path. There is less and less projection on to others; more & more acceptance of others: less reactivity & nagging; & ultimately greater connection with themselves & their deeper knowing.

Do you work with same-sex & LGBTQ community?

The masculine & feminine principles that are the foundation of our teachings apply to same-sex couples, & people from the LGBTQ community are welcome to attend our Free Workshop. Whilst same-sex & heterosexual couples face many similar challenges & dynamics, our forte is working with heterosexual couples. This statement is purely from the desire to ensure that all couples receive the most appropriate & qualified guidance. For this reason, we recommend same-sex couples seek support from someone who specialises in this community. If you & your partner truly feel that you want to work with us, you are welcome to book in an alignment call to see if we are a fit.

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