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Reclaim  Your A wesome

Energise yourself & your relationship to life in this

4-Week self-care group transformation

for over-busy & under-nourished Mums & Dads

Reclaim. Renew.  Re-energise. 

Discover how to better balance your needs with the needs of those you love.

Find out more in this 2-minute video.

Your Journey

Embark on a transformative 4-week group coaching program designed for Mums & Dads ready to reclaim themselves and their relationship through the power of self-care bringing a sense of warmth, connection and joy to the family unit.


your need to slow down & feel more rested & calm


the power of personal coaching
+ group support


guilt for taking much needed time

for yourself


how to self-care amidst family responsibilities


your kids the power & pleasure of self-care


wasting your time on energy-depleting habits 


your boundaries with clarity & compassion


deeper meaning & fulfilment in daily life through ritual

tree path.jpeg

This journey IS for You if:

  • ​You're tired of feeling tired

  • You just can’t seem to stop those annoying habits that you hide from others & judge yourself for

  • You're ready to establish a new sense of self now that you’ve survived early parenthood.

  • You want to strengthen and communicate clear, compassionate boundaries.

  • You know that a one-off bubble bath won’t cut it & are seeking a balanced and holistic lifestyle.

  • Things you used to enjoy (e.g. that extra latte / glass of wine / episode) no longer leave you feeling good

  • You want a program that tailors to the reality of your life & where you're at

  • You’re sick of feeling rushed of a morning, irritable during the day, & exhausted of a night.

  • You want to foster a culture of self-care within your family

This journey is NOT for You if:

  • You actually enjoy feeling guilty every time you try to prioritise yourself.

  • You want an overly structured approach that doesn’t allow for the inevitable ebbs & flows of life.

  • You think that even more coffee is going to solve all your problems.

  • You enjoy frantically running around & prioritising everyone else's needs over yours.

  • You aren’t willing to get totally honest about what you really need.

  • You want to keep waiting until the kids have grown up & moved out before you get yourself back on track. 

  • Not ready to make simple yet sustainable changes.

  • You want a 30-day ‘bootcamp’ that gives short-term results but feels restrictive & unsustainable.

The Flow

Pre-Course BONUS

Setting yourself up for lasting shifts

"Creating change can be easy when you know the secret to sustainable success!"


Gain invaluable insight into the 3 foundations of lasting shifts to ensure the shifts from this program last a lifetime

Image by Kyle Glenn

Week 2

Boundaries, Needs & Desires

"Having clear & healthy boundaries benefits You & your family."

Build your capacity to communicate loving boundaries to ensure you meet your deeper physical, emotional, mental & spiritual needs. 
Learn how to meet your own needs in a way that is kind & considerate to yourself & others.

Image by Sander Sammy

Week 4

Nourish & Flourish

"How, when & where we eat is as, if not more, important than what we eat."

Improve your digestion, lessen your bloating, & increase your capacity to thrive as you re-establish your relationship with food & your eating habits.

woman eating food bliss_edited.jpg

Week 1


Opening Ceremony:

Clairty & Connection

"When we identify our core values, everything that's not in alignment falls away".

Discover the trick to finally letting go fo those unhelpful habits + establish an 
authentic connection with other Mums & Dads reclaiming their awesome!

Image by Shane Rounce

Week 3

The Power of the Daily

"Less is more.
Simple is best."

Alchemise your 'to do's' in to nourishing rituals as you cultivate & refine your morning & evening routines that leave you more rested, connected, & energised

Image by Collins Lesulie

Closing Session


Closing Ceremony:
Bringing it Home

"Creating a culture of self-care within your family is the key to lasting connection."

Ground your insights, commit to your shifts, & project your future expansion as you celebrate your growth with the group.

Image by Ioann-Mark Kuznietsov

Live Session Times

Opening Ceremony: Sat 11 May 2024

  • Online: 6:15-7:45 AM ~ or ~

  • In-person (Hobart) 2:30-4pm 

Boundaries, Needs & Desires: Sat 18 May

  • Online: 6:15-7:15 AM

Power of the Daily: Sat 25 May

  • Online: 6:15-7:15 AM 

Nourish & Flourish: Sat 1 June

  • Online: 6:15-7:15 AM 

Closing Ceremony: Sat 8 June

  • Online: 6:15-7:45 AM ~ or ~

  • In-person (Hobart) 2:30-4 PM 

Q: What if I can't make some or any of the live sessions?

A: No problem. Email us any questions in advance & we will answer them on the call. Catch up on any missed calls via our online course platform.

You Receive


Live Calls +

Pre-recorded teachings

  • 5 pre-recorded teachings
    (10-15 mins each)

  • Opening and closing ceremony: Join in-person or online

  • 4 x group coaching calls (1 hour each. online)

  • Gain valuable support and insights tailored to your needs

  • Submit questions in advance if unable to attend call.

family beach.jpeg

Philosophies, practices & guidance for daily, family-life

  • Curated templates, worksheets, self-inquiries & practices for maximum impact

  • Easy-to-follow guidance for practical implementation

  • Introduce wellbeing practices for both yourself and your children

  • Cultivate a culture of self-care within your family

  • Celebrate your learnings with a surprise "family bliss challenge" day


Support + Community

  • Live coaching from Aaron & Greer during ceremonies & calls

  • Build connections with like-hearted parents in our private online group hangout

  • Experience gentle, non-judgmental accountability in a group setting

  • Gain inspiration & support in between calls from the sharing insights, challenges & successes


And when we prioritise our own self-care, 

we have more to give to those we love & cherish most.

Sign UToday

Sign up

and SAVE 40% on our inagral round*

Regular course price is $550.

Join us for the May 2024 round for only $330

This rate will never be offered again.

Paid in Full


Pay upon registration.
Done & dusted.
Easy peasy Japanesy.

Registering as a couple? Email us to find out our special couples' rate.

hands horizon.jpeg

2-Step Payment

$230 + $100*

We want to support, not penalise those who are unable to pay in full.

First payment of $230  is due upon sign-up.

Second payment due 24 May 2024.

steps stepped payment plan _edited.jpg

Early Bird Offer

Sign up by 20th April

& propel your reclamation even deeper with a BONUS

1 x 30-min 1:1 coaching session with Greer or Aaron

during your 4-week program.

* The AUD$330 rate is valid only for those attending the May 2024 course.
In exchange for the massive 40% off, we are asking those enrolling in this first round agree to providing a feedback form upon program completion so that, like you, it just keeps getting more awesome. 
Details provided on registration & payment form.

Your Guides

the Tantric Parents | Greer & Aaron Christos

We have a beautiful, & sometimes messy, blended Family of 5.

We love to synergise the mystical with the practical and are passionate about integrating ancient wisdom and modern knowledge into regular, everyday life. 

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