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Experience the power of a 3-month Mentorship designed around your unique needs, rooted in our core philosophies of holistic health, emotional and physical intimacy, and infusing the sacred into everyday life.

We work with Mums & Dads as individuals Choose a 1:1 Mentorship with Aaron (for dads) or Greer (for Mums), or a 2:2 Mentorship as a couple with both Greer & Aaron.

Each Mentorship is highly tailored, yet founded on foundational pillars of living as a Tantric parent. Mentorships include live coaching calls, private messaging, additional audio & video to enhance your knowledge & skills & bonus gifts.

  • Q: Do I have to be a parent or in a relationship to do the Tantric Dad or the Tantric Mum mentorship?

No, absolutely not.

In fact, doing this mentorship is the perfect preparation for being in a relationship and/or becoming a parent.

We niche in serving parents because we know the time/energy pressures parents are under, and can tailor their program, to their needs for efficient and maximum results.

Without the time/energy pressures of children, you could get a deep understanding of yourself and your needs and the practises that best serve you, so that when you’re a parent, you know exactly what you need and how to implement it.

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