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This program is created to run over a 28-day period. Please wait until you have a 28-day window you can truly commit to prior to commencing.

Please watch this Introduction prior to your first practice session & ready the notes below which provide important follow-up instructions & guidance.

28-Days. 4 Movements.

Book your practice sessions in to your diary from Day 1 - Day 28. 
Choose your Golden Minimum & commit to that. Remember, 5-10 minutes per day EVERY day is much more beneficial than 1 hour once a week.

When time allows, spend 2-5 minutes journaling prior to each pracitce. It is perfectly fine if you find yourself writing the same responses each day during a particular movement.

Please send Greer a PM on Day 1 sharing your intention for the week's practice + on Day 7 with the key experience/realisation/other.

And remember: You CANNOT do this wrong providing you follow the two golden rules:

Eyes remain closed. Body remains moving.

Image by Vero Manrique


Move what you are feeling. 
Physical, mental, emotional... it's all welcome.

Self Inquiry prompt: How am I feeling...

  1. Physically?

  2. Mentally?

  3. Emotionally?

Image by Vero Manrique
Image by Annie Spratt


Releasing physical, mental, emotional.
Leaning In & Letting Go.


Self Inquiry prompt: Where am I contracting or attaching...

  1. Physically?

  2. Mentally?

  3. Emotionally?


Soften in to pleasure, aliveness & vitality.
You may like to start this practice lying down.

Self Inquiry prompt: 

  1. What is my heart's deepest Pleasure?

  2. When/where do I feel most fully alive?

  3. When/where do I experience the

    Vitality pulsing through my body?

Image by Birger Strahl
Image by Aaron Burden


Imprint your deeper needs & desires into your body.

Self Inquiry prompt: 

  1. What is my biggest vision for this season of my life?

  2. What does my heart yearn for?

  3. What would I have to do within my life & my body to sustainably achieve that?

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