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Tantric  C ouple

A 3-Month 2:2  Mentorship for Conscious Couples w. Greer & Aaron

Re-Prioritise your Realtionship & boost your juice for Life

Re-ignite.  Renew.  Evolve. 

A whirlwind of work commitments, after-school chaos, dinner dilemmas, exercise, play dates, parties, & the perpetual upkeep of the home; All while trying to maintain your own physical wellness & mental calm... Sound like a lot? Welcome to the reality of modern-day life & conscious parenting. Amidst the dance (& sometimes overwhelm) of responsibilities, it's little wonder that, despite being the very foundation of your life together, Your relationship as a couple takes a back seat.   The impact of not prioritising our intimate relationship can be devastating, yet we may not notice it as it slowly compounds over time; As couples start to lose touch with the woman & man that we are outside of the roles of "Mum & Dad" the personal connection that once thrived & that lead to creating a family in the first place can get buried beneath the demands of daily life. The result is rushed physical intimacy, strained relationships, and a build up of resentment to oneself, one another, & the kids. And whilst they know they still love one another, their daily life does not necessarily reflect the reality that  it is their relationship that underpins the happiness & strength of their family. Sound familiar? If so, continue on.


Imagine, a 3-month window where you come together to focus on the
4 foundational pillars of Conscious Relationship:

Quality over Quantity

  • Learn how to enhance the time you do have with one another for
    maximum connection & pleasure 

  • Reclaim the ways in which you 'spend' time that do not actually contribute to the wellbeing of your partnership nor your family

  • Co-create the shared vision for your life,
    and the core values that will bring it into manifestation.

  • Find a new way of co-ordinating your busy lifestyle so that you don't feel like you're "tagging" the kids each time you want/need to do something for yourselves.

  • Be guided in how to teach your kids the importance of time together as a couple without feeling guilty or like you're not meeting their needs.

Emotions are the Gateway:

  • Learn & master a safe, clear & highly effective communication framework
    to move through emotional triggers & use them
     as a way to actually bring you closer

  • Be a source of empowered compassion for one another as you gain greater understanding of what's at the core your individual wounds/struggles
    & how to best address them

  • Step into an inter-dependant relationship as you identify & release any
    sub-conscious patterns of enmeshment that hold you back from
    being your most authentic expression & highest potential

  • Build the emotional intelligence you need to parent your own inner child,
    as well as your own kidlets

Sex & Eros within Monogomy:

  • Monogamy is often associated with boredom, but did you know your sex life can get increasingly exciting with every year you continue to grow!?!

  • Discover how the ancient practices of tantra can shift your sex-life from another
    'to-do' & into a pleasurable and deepened exploration every time you come together

  • You'll be amazed at how your chemistry, attraction & connection is amplified in the bedroom, by the inner work you do outside the bedroom. 

  • Sex becomes a moving meditation; a time of deep nourishment,
    pleasure & connection.

  • Men: You'll be introduced to key techniques and methods that increase stamina, endurance, sensitivity & vitality.

  • Women: You'll learn key practices to assist your softening & reclaim your juicyness & sense of play in & out of the bedroom.

Honesty as the Guide to True Love:

  • Come to know that Truth is synonymous with Love as you unlock the transformative power of radical honesty

  • Learn 'No-fault' listening to get to the core of your issues so you can transcend egoic consciousness and connect at a soul level

  • Support one another to live as your true authentic selves and align with your higher purpose & power

We guide you in a way that feels safe & deeply intimate yet respects your privacy.

Any & all sexual practices will be engaged in your own time & outside of coaching sessions.


  • 3 x personal coaching calls each month Consisting of: 1 x 1:1 between the women; 1 x 1:1 between the men; & 1 x 2:2 with you as a couple + both Greer & Aaron

  • Private messaging & support with Greer & Aaron between calls throughout your 3-months 

  • Pre-recorded training videos

  • Audio practices to listen to individually &/or together


  • Couples Gift package posted directly to your home

  • Complimentary seats at a Cacao for Couples event (in Hobart)

  • Access to group coaching with other Tantric Mums & Dads

  • Knowledge, skills & wisdom that will go on to strengthen & evolve your relationship & thus your parenting for the rest of your lives. 

- Deepen, Strengthen & Ignite
your relationship & your life together!  -



Your mentors:

Greer & Aaron Christos

We came in to our relationship with a desired commitment to Truth, Intimacy, Healing & Awakening.


It is these principles, lived day in & out that have become the foundation of which we live our lives, raise our children, & guide those we work with.

As husband & wife we share the principles & practices of emotional intimacy, conscious parenting & tantra to perpetually deepen our emotional & physical connection & sense of newness as a couple.


Between us, we have trained & studied extensively in life coaching, Divine Union, Divine Feminine embodiment practices & wisdom, Sacred Masculine teachings, elemental embodiment & nature, ayurveda, tantra, & conscious parenting.

We’re aware that within the tantric field, many men & women are overtly sexual. 

Our commitment to those we work with is to create a safe, clean & intentional space & respect that sacred container of your relationship as we do with ours.

Awaiting You:

  • Learn powerful practices to become truly present & heart connected with one another

  • Discover how monogamy is actually the perfect container in which to experience erotic excitement & true intimacy

  • Communication models that enable you to turn triggers in to a deepened understanding, compassion & connection with one another

  • Learn how to navigate delicate conversations that have been previously ‘too touchy’  & get to the core of the issue to really address & heal

  • Refresh & stimulate your capacity to create strong erotic attraction
    regardless of how long you’ve been in intimate partnership together

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