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Tantric  um

A 3-Month 1:1  Mentorship w. Greer

Call back your authentic self & embody your Divine Feminine Power

Slow.  Soften. Recieve.

  • Discover the secret to balancing your personal & family needs

  • Reclaim the sacred power of your womanhood;  &

  • Embody Beauty and Grace through self-love, self-care & loving boundaries.

This 3-month 1:1 mentorship with Greer is for Mums who:

  • Know all too well the challenge of nourishing your family when your own cup is empty & 

  • Are seriously ready to come home to yourself with
    fierce compassion, responsibility & self-worth. 


Your Journey

Your 3-month journey is highly tailored based on your unique needs & desires; whilst being guided by Ayurvedic wisdom regarding the 3 Pillars of Health:
Food, Sex & Sleep.

When these three elements are in harmony,
they contribute to a well-nourished, sufficiently rested, and juicy Mumma. Without this essential balance, we experience stress, overwhelm & exhaustion, and life looses it's sense of play, grace & ease.


FOOD: Deep Nourishment

  • It's SO common for Mums to use food as way of calming, soothing, avoiding, numbing, grounding, energising (insert a plethora of emotional needs!). This pillar will support you in establishing habits & practices that truly nourish rather than deplete you.

  • Extends beyond mere food, including what we take in through water, breath,  senses, emotions, and information which significantly affect our mental & overall health.

  • Discover how you can use eating to support your nervous system & psyche to establish a deeper sense of peace whilst you let go of any food rules & discover a truly unique approach to food & diet.

  • Learn ancient Ayurvedic food practices that increase your digestion, regulate elimination leave you truly satiated after your meal.

  • This pillar not only only influences your tissues, emotions, mental clarity, and hormones, but your overall experience, including how you perceive and feel in the world.


SEX: Softness, Sensuality & Creativity 

  • Learn simple yet highly effective practices to evoke the power of your sexual energy in a way that brings even more love into your life

  • Unlock the power of sexual energy through simple, effective practices, fostering love in relationships with yourself, partner, children, & spirituality.

  • Fulfil the longing for deeper connections to life, humanity, nature, and purpose.

  • Cultivate inner peace & tend to shame & trauma from your sexual past

  • Learn to ask for what you want in a way that feels open & empowered rather than controlling or dominant

  • Cultivate inner peace while addressing and healing sexual past shame and trauma.

  • Visualisation & energetic tantric techniques to expand your capacity to receive sexual pleasure & bring beauty & bliss in to your every day (even whilst driving the kids to their sports!)

SLEEP: Rest & Spaciousness

  • Discover how slowing down is actually the key to having more space  in your mind, your body, & your schedule.

  • De-clutter your mind to be clear and focused on a higher vision and mission for your life bringing greater levels of fortitude and fulfilment.​

  • ​Transform your beauty routine by recognizing the rejuvenating power of sleep – the ultimate beauty secret that revitalizes your body and soul.

  • Develop a gnosis of how creating space in your life influences your overall health and longevity; including your capacity to destress, detox & restore our brain, body, tissues & digestive system.

  • Discover my secret to over coming the mid-afternoon slump which works wonders & takes 5 mins! (And is so much more effective than coffee, copious amounts of tea or that sneaky afternoon snacking...)

  • This pillar is founded on the principle that Rest is more. Less is best.

                                                 And THIS sweet Mumma; is good news indeed x


Investment & Inclusions

3-Months of Personal Coaching +
6-months of integrative group support for just AUD$3,339 includes:


  • 6 x fortnightly 1:1 calls w. Greer Ashley Christos

  • Private messaging & support between calls throughout your 3-months 

  • Pre-recorded training videos & audio practices
    (Topics include: Pillars of Health, Identifying your deeper needs & desires,  Creating a daily life that feels truly sacred, Ancient feminine self-care practices & much more.


  • Access to 6-months group coaching with other Tantric Mums
    (i.e. the incomparable power of Sisterhood!)


  • Gift package posted directly to your home

  • VIP ticket to Sacred Circle events (in Hobart) throughout your mentorship

  • Sacred Ritual to foster a personal connection with your inner Goddess that is always here within & around you to guide & hold you
    (She's simply waiting for your Sacred Invocation!)


  • Knowledge, skills & wisdom that will not only last,
    but continue to evolve & deepen your relationship with yourself,
    & your capacity as a Mother, Love & 'Other' for the rest of your life.

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